Study at a university that will equip you for future success – locally and globally, today and tomorrow. A degree from UQ is a qualification the world will recognise.
Participate in global experiences to see the world differently and develop key employability skills. UQ's student exchange program allows you to choose from among 180 partner institutions in 41 countries.
Learn through UQ's Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education, a premier provider of English language, teacher training, international development, and continuing education programs.
Global challenges are best approached in partnership. We invite global research and educational organisations, sponsors and industry to engage with us through partnerships and projects.
Our global strategy positions us to become Australia’s most globally connected university through developing our international influence and maintaining our competitive standard of excellence.
A range of online tools, resources and reports are available to support staff with identifying global opportunities and collaborations.

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Multicultural Queensland

UQ supports the?Multicultural Queensland Charter?through the?Multicultural Queensland Ambassador Program.

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