Premature flowering can lead to a highly erratic pineapple supply. Getty Image.
Premature flowering can lead to a highly erratic pineapple supply. Getty Image.
9 March 2020

New pineapple varieties which grow more reliably and predictably are being developed in a University of Queensland-led project that will benefit farmers and industry.

Professor Jimmy Botella from UQ’s School of Agriculture and Food Sciences and his team have received $575,000 Australian Government research funding to address the biggest issue affecting pineapple farming’s viability.

“Premature flowering of pineapple plants can lead to a highly erratic pineapple supply, both in Australia and internationally,” Professor Botella said.

“It’s bad for the long-term sustainability of the industry, but luckily, new technologies offer new solutions.

“Our new research will aim to help Australia’s pineapple farming industry, by developing a breed of pineapple resistant to premature flowering.”

Professor Botella believes the research has the potential to significantly improve Australia, and the world’s, pineapple production, with concrete benefits to consumers and industry.

“This has the potential to transform the industry,” he said.

“It will create highly planned and managed production for producers and consumers, and eventually, the ability for pineapple growers to expand their reach into new domestic and international markets.

“And farmers using these varieties can also expect to increase their production, improving their bottom line.

“We’re hoping our research is a boon for producers, for workers and for the economy.

“The majority of Australian pineapples are grown in Queensland, so it’s only fitting that University of Queensland-led research is strengthening the pineapple industry.”

This project is being supported by the Australian Government’s ARC Linkage Project scheme.


A new (and more reliable) breed of pineapple from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.

Media: Professor Jimmy Botella,, +61 412 245 566; Dominic Jarvis,, +61 413 334 924.

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